Tables are provided:

12 - 30" x 72" (6ft long tables)

4 - 60" round                          4 - 41.5" round

3 - 36" x 30"

There is no Wi-Fi available on site. If you need Wi-Fi, please bring a hot spot. 

Microphone and speaker system. 

Parking spaces are provided in the Fish Hatchery lot as well as the municipal lot to the East of the building. Please be aware of City events happening the same time as your event.

Bathrooms are on both floors.

There is no elevator.

The thermostats are locked. 72 in winter/68 in summer. Dress accordingly. 

There are 60 chairs

For more information, please contact Delafield City Hall at 262-646-6220.

Fish Hatchery Address: 425 Main St. Delafield, WI 53018

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